Non-Surgical Procedures

Aging creates changes in the skin, including wrinkles, pigmentation, and loss of facial volume around the eyes and in the cheek and mid-face.
For individuals not yet wanting or needing surgical procedures to look and feel  rejuvenated non-surgical treatments are an option to rejuvenate the face in a more simple way, with less downtime and cost than surgery. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments can be an effective, reasonable and realistic way to achieve your goals.

Cosmetic BOTOX®

BOTOX® is a prescription medication that is injected into muscles to improve the appearance of lines (wrinkles) of the face. There are noticeable results within days and no recovery time is required.

BOTOX® for Sweating

BOTOX® can also be used to treat excessive sweating. In the same way that it blocks nerves from acting on muscles in the face, it blocks nerves from stimulating sweat glands. 

Dermal Fillers

Injectable fillers are a semi-permanent product that can be injected into the soft tissue of the face to provide an immediate non-surgical enhancement without any downtime.

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