Mummy Makeover

A Mummy makeover gives you the opportunity to do something for yourself. Taking care of yourself and feeling feminine, sexy and confident is likely to positively impact the whole family.

In many ladies, pregnancy and breast-feeding can lead to unwanted changes in the breasts, tummy, hips, thighs and other body areas. Permanent body changes following pregnancy may include either breast deflation with loss of breast volume and droop or an increase in the size of the breasts. The abdomen can change due to loss of abdominal muscle tone, stretch marks and excess abdominal skin. Additionally fat in the tummy area or in other regions can be really stubborn despite having reached a healthy target weight. No two women are the same and every lady is affected differently depending on numerous factors including age, genetics, weight gain, total number of pregnancies and multiple gestations.

Mothers routinely put the needs of children (and often partners) ahead of their own, habitually leaving themselves low on the list of priorities. A Mummy makeover gives you the opportunity to do something for yourself. Ladies often feel guilty about having post-pregnancy rejuvenation to help them achieve their pre-pregnancy body goals. You should not feel embarrassed about doing something for yourself; you are doing a great job as a Mum and perhaps its time for you to have some me time! Taking care of yourself and feeling feminine, sexy and confident is reflected in your self-esteem and this is likely to positively impact the whole family.

Mummy makeover results.

A Mummy Makeover may include a number of different procedures to rejuvenate a woman’s body following completion of her family. It often focuses on the breasts, tummy and body but will depend on your individual anatomy, experiences, lifestyle and aspirations. Most Mums just want their pre-pregnancy bodies back, or to look even better than they did before having children. To achieve optimal results, you should have achieved your target weight with diet and exercise prior to embarking on surgery. You should be at least 6 months post-partum but in many cases it is appropriate to wait even longer.

Changes Caused by Pregnancy

1. Breasts

The most common complaint is that the breasts are deflated and/or droopy. Many mothers have started wearing a push-up or padded bra just to feel like they did before pregnancy. It is usual for most ladies to notice a progressive deflation of the breasts, which worsens after each pregnancy. Depending on your unique body changes the breasts are usually addressed by a breast augmentation, a mastopexy (breast lift) or both together. Some ladies find that their breasts become larger following pregnancy and therefore require a breast reduction. The details of individual procedures can be found in the breast surgery section of this site.

2. Abdomen

The tummy often has permanent changes following pregnancy, including stretch marks, loss of abdominal tone, flabby and excess skin and stubborn fat deposits. The abdomen can be addressed by a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), liposuction or a combination of both depending on your individual problems. An abdominoplasty offers the benefits of accessing the abdominal muscles and suturing them back into their original (and un-stretched) position providing a slimmer silhouette, reduced abdominal laxity and a tighter abdomen. In addition a tummy tuck can remove skin below the belly button taking away and stretch marks in this area. Liposuction is often the finishing touch to a tummy tuck but can be used in isolation to remove excess fat in stubborn areas. Many Mummy Makeover patients are extremely physically fit but there is no amount of training that can repair the stretched muscles, abdominoplasty offers the opportunity to reconstruct the core.

Liposuction can also contour the tummy area and remove excess fat in the abdomen, flanks and pubic area. Depending on your particular situation, either abdominoplasty or liposuction (or both) may be recommended to achieve your specific goals. Recovery is 3-6 weeks for abdominal rejuvenation.

3. Body

Stubborn fat deposits can affect other areas of the body. Liposuction permanently removes these deposits of excess fat that persist after a Mum has achieved her optimal weight with healthy diet and regular exercise. The thighs, flanks, back, bra roll, hips, pubic area, and buttock roll are often affected and amenable to treatment with liposuction. Liposuction can be performed in multiple areas of the body at the same time or concurrent with other Mummy Makeover procedures. Recovery from liposuction alone is around 2-3 weeks. See the Liposuction section for information.

4. Labiaplasty

Repeated pregnancies and vaginal deliveries can stretch the labia minora leaving redundant or hanging inner labia skin. This can cause embarrassment, pain with intercourse, or friction sores when doing exercising.

Labiaplasty is a procedure where excess or stretched-out labia minora tissue is excised to create a more neat and tidy appearance to the labia area. Recovery is 2-3 weeks, and intercourse can resume approximately 6 weeks after surgery. Please see the Labiaplasty page for additional information on this procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Mummy Makeover?

You should be in good physical shape and at your target weight that is stable. You should be at least 6 months post-partum although practically most ladies are beyond this timeframe. For optimal long-term results you should have completed your family. For any breast surgery you should have finished breast-feeding at least 4 months before surgery.

Who is not a Good Candidate for Mummy Makeover?

If you have pre-existing medical conditions it may be inappropriate to have cosmetic surgery. If you are obese you should loose weight before considering cosmetic surgery. This procedure is not appropriate for women with unrealistic expectations or those who have been encouraged by others to change their appearance. If you are hoping to have more children you should defer surgery until you have completed your family.

What to Expect at Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation, I spend a great deal of time getting to know you personally and taking a full medical history. The success of any cosmetic procedure relies on you being open with me at this stage. It is important for me to explore your reasons for seeking Mummy makeover, what your problem areas are, what you like or dislike and your expectations of surgery. I also need to know about your general health, lifestyle and medications, prescribed or otherwise.

I will examine your areas of concern and assess what components are problematic and what can be done to address them. At the end of that consultation I will describe the surgical options to address your problems and devise your personal surgical plan. I will also explain the risks and limitations of surgery to you at this stage. I always have a second consultation to answer any questions before we book surgery.

As a female Plastic Surgeons and a mother I am well acquainted with pregnancy-related body changes on a professional and personal level! I understand how changes to your body after pregnancy can impact your self-image. I will work with you to achieve your desired outcome and regain that sense of femininity and self-confidence.

Your individual surgical plan will be tailored to your needs and aspirations. A mummy makeover may include a combination of breast surgery, abdominal contouring, labiaplasty or other contouring procedures. The details of these individual components can be found on the relevant pages.

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